divendres, 1 d’abril de 2016


Every day we start psycho with a game to warm up. Our favorite games are catch me if you can, hairy spider and statues. We also love warming up dancing around the class occupying all spaces and moving on freely. Every day our teacher teaches us some new words in English like whistle, circles, mats, cones, ropes and balls. We learn the parts of the body as well.

Then we continue with the main part. This week we are working our coordination with circles and mats. We jump with one foot and with both feet at the same time like a kangaroo. We also use circles to make slaloms. We like crawling through the mats but we love walking on it although we can fall down. We enjoy a lot when some boys or girls fall down and we laugh while we encourage them to continue with the exercise. 

The last part is when we close our eyes and we start relaxation. We lay on the floor and we breathe deeply. We try to think about happy things. Then we know that our psycho class is nearly finished. When our teacher sings: “One line, one line, one behind the other. Arms down, feet calm, don’t push me” we run to the door and we are ready to start the next subject. 

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