divendres, 7 de juny de 2019


Hello families! Today we are really happy to share with you all of the new things about jungle and their animals that P4 children have learned in the English class. First of all, the teacher Mariona has taught us their names, where they live, what color they have and their size. Then, With Daisy and Robin, we have also learned how to be a good explorer by playing and listening to stories.

However, what we liked the most was to be a true explorer. For that, we have made binoculars, we painted with red paint and the teacher helped us to put the rope.
We already were ready to explore in the jungle.  And now let's explain you one activity in which we had really fun and at the same time we learned a lot about wild animals. The activity consisted in: Each group had to find an animal from the jungle through some clues that the teacher Mariona gave to us, like: "your animal is: big and brown, climbs trees and eats bananas." in this case the animal was the monkey so the group had to find the monkey and made their jigsaw puzzle. Everyone has been a really good explorer and we had a great time!

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